These are some of my favorite photos
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San Fernando Cathedral sunset

San Diego 6/30/10

San Diego 6/30/10

POINT LOMA- A work in progress

San Diego 6/30/10

Coronado Bridge (San Diego)

San Diego Full Moon

Qualicum Bay (Vancouver Island)

Qualicum Bay (Vancouver Island)

Sedona Storm


PV Birds

Rooster Tail



  FLORa & Fauna  

River Walk

The Peacock


Heron in the Surf (Puerto Vallarta)

Hunting Heron (Puerto Vallarta)


Carole's Garden (Deep Bay, Vancouver Island)

Male Hummingbird

Female Hummingbird




San Antonio jazz

Gibson hollow body

The Alamo

San Fernando Cathedral fountains

San Antonio sculpture

San Antonio sculpture

Chihuly Boat

Paradise Village Pool (Puerto Vallarta)

(Vancouver Island)

Dave & Desiree's Wedding Toast

Sydney Opera House


Big Flag



  Other People's Photos & Images  

John Wayne & me in Mazatlan

Mark in the Toy Box

Baby Mark

Dad in the Army

Dad's Captured Nazi Flag
Nothing is moving in this image. It is your eyes making it move.




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